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Consider the following use case. User needs to deploy application which consists of multiple interconnected resources.
For example, let's say he wants to deploy complex a multi-tiered web application, like Waldur itselfan e-commerce, with backend server on first VM and fronted app on second VM.

Currently in order to accomplish such a task user shall:

  1. issue request to provision first VM, wait for it to complete, gather some info, such as IP address and store it;
  2. execute some script on first VM, for example, via Ansible;
  3. issue request to provision second VM, wait for it to complete;
  4. execute some script on second VM, passing information gathered in previous steps.


Please note, that currently Ansible Waldur module supports OpenStack Tenant provider only.

NB! Due to Ansible license restrictions Waldur is not providing Ansible itself, please install it on MasterMind and Celery nodes as a separate component, for example, using this guide:

HomePort configuration

In order to enable Ansible applications feature in HomePort, please ensure that ansible feature is enabled. See also documentation for feature toggling.